2020 Trailer Servicing

2020 Trailer Servicing

The Importance of Regular Trailer Servicing

With the authorities finally crunching down on unsafe trailers being towed in the UK, it really is crucial to make sure the trailer you are towing is up to the task. Safety is always our biggest concern here at Coventry Trailer Hire. We offer affordable trailer servicing in the West Midlands.

Trailers, just like cars, are on the UK roads at speeds of up to 60mph whilst carrying loads in excess of 2500kg. Halting a fully loaded 3500kg trailer from 60mph with drum brakes is a lot harder than stopping a 1600kg vehicle with modern brake calipers and discs. It is crucial to ensure your trailers brakes are working properly and that your wheel bearings are in good condition. Ignoring trailer maintenance will cost lives, ensure your trailer would pass a theoretical MOT type inspection.

If your trailer is involved in a road traffic accident and is found to have a mechanical defect or even just a problem with the trailer’s electrics then it could lead to a Police investigation whereby your trailer could be examined to ensure it is in a safe road worthy condition.  Stay safe whilst towing and ensure your trailer is regularly maintained and serviced.

Trailer Servicing at Coventry Trailer Hire

We are familiar with all major makes and models of trailer including Ifor Williams, Indespension and Bateson but can service and repair most domestic trailers, including vintage horse boxes with pizza oven conversions! And if we can’t get the parts, we can update them!

Our mini-service and general overhaul starts at £120.00 plus VAT for a braked twin-axle trailer. This consists of a safety inspection, wheel bearing re-grease and adjustment, tyre pressures and full road lights test. From their we can diagnose what maintenance your trailer requires and quote you for the parts and labour if you were to leave the works in our hands.

For servicing unbaked trailers, single-axle trailers and triple-axle trailers please get in touch for a quote. Call Coventry Trailer Hire today on 02476 666 304 (Option 2) or email [email protected] and we will do our best to look after you and your trailer.

Regular fleet servicing available for plant, recovery and construction companies. Get in touch for more information.


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