Camping Trailers

Camping TrailersAre you heading on a camping trip but your vehicle just isn’t big enough to hold your luggage and equipment? Coventry Trailer Hire can provide you with a Camping Trailer that will ensure you are able to transport your luggage, equipment and all the camping gear you need to take. By hiring a Camping Trailer you are able to take all the gear you need for your trip and save your car from becoming overloaded and potentially damaged.

Our trailers come fitted with lockable ABS lids which makes it ideal if you need your gear to be kept safe, secure and also away from the elements when travelling and also on your trip.

Whatever your needs Coventry Trailer Hire would be happy to advise you on which is the right trailer for you. We offer an easy to follow hire agreement and clear terms and conditions.

All of our prices quoted include VAT so you will not be looking at any hidden costs when you choose to hire a trailer from Coventry Trailer Hire.

If you are looking for a long term contract hire please contact us on 02476 666 304 to discuss your requirements.

Our friendly team are fully trained and always on hand to advise you on the best type of trailer for your needs.